About Travel CRM Software Solutions

Travel CRM Software helps tour operators and travel agents manage their business processes smoothly and enhance customer experience. We are here to help the travel industry to manage their business on one CRM. We've designed the Best Travel CRM Software that's very easy to use and customization. With our cloud-based CRMtravel™ software, you can track your emails, lead management, follow-ups, itineraries, invoices, vouchers, sales funnel, real-time customer data updates, and increase conversions.


What is CRMtravel™?

CRMtravel™ (Customer Relationship Management) is a specialized software solution to help travel agencies, tour operators, and travel agents manage their interactions with customers and potential customers. It is a Best Itinerary Builder for travel agents that helps Travel professionals manage customer interactions, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency in managing travel-related activities. The primary objective of a Travel CRM Software is to increase customer relationships and improve the overall travel booking experience for clients.


Benefits of Travel CRM Software

Benefits of Travel CRM Software are improved customer experience, increased sales potential, and maximized revenue. With CRMtravel™, a leading Travel Lead Management Software provider, you can easily manage flight, hotel, transfer, meal, activity bookings, lead generation, real-time reporting, and payment gateway integration. Contact us today to learn how CRMtravel™ helps in your business growth.


Fully Automated Software

Our Travel CRM Software is designed to automate several daily tasks in running a travel agency, such as flight and hotel bookings, transfer and meal arrangements, and activity planning. Additionally, it provides lead management and email automation features that help you answer customer queries and follow up with leads on time. With the built-in payment gateway, it also makes the process of collecting payments easy and efficient.


Easy to Use (User-friendly)

At CRMtravel™, we understand the unique challenges travel agents and tour operators face. That's why we've developed a user-friendly and customizable CRM software that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether a small travel agency or a large tour operator, our software can help you manage your operations more effectively and increase your revenue.

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"Unlike other systems that charge a license fee per user, CRMtravel gives unlimited access to your whole team, so you can all work together without the extra costs and distractions."

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Key Features of CRMtravel™ Software

Here are key features of CRMtravel™ software, Specially designed for the travel industry.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Streamline lead capture with our all-in-one lead generation feature. Collect leads from multiple sources like - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Google Sheets.



Our adv anced query management feature lets you stay on top of all queries, payments, and follow-ups. Get alerts for unattended queries and never miss a beat.

Quotation Builder

Quotation Builder

Efficiently create quotations with our fully automatic master system. Calculate taxes, subtotals, and totals with ease.



Streamline your data management with our comprehensive master data feature. Manage destinations, hotels, activities, sightseeing, transfers, and documents easily.

Supplier Communication

Supplier Communication

Improve team collaboration and supplier communication with our integrated CRM Travel feature directly at your fingertips.

Invoice and Voucher

Invoice and Voucher

Travel CRM systems enable travel agencies to keep track of their employees’ invoices, voucher identifications, and terms and conditions.

Manage Payments

Manage Payments

Automatic collects all the payments by payment gateway from clients or agents and gets tracking accordingly.

Mail Communication

Mail Communication

Effortlessly communicate with clients and track engagement with our advanced email tracking feature. Get real-time read receipts, open tracking, and more!

Multi-level Reporting

Multi-level Reporting

Effortlessly monitor daily travel reports, Collection reports, profit & loss reports, and supplier payment reports with our user-friendly reporting feature.

Streamline your travel business with CRMtravel™ software. Automation for leads, itineraries, invoicing, and more.

Why choose CRMtravel™ Software

  • More Customizable Than Other Travel CRMs

    Instead of remodeling your business process to fit our travel CRM, we design a workflow for your travel business. Processes, workflows, and employee dashboards can all be customized to match your needs.

  • Best Travel CRM In The Market

    You can encourage your field groups with CRMtravel™ easy access to generate route plans, track movement, manage to attend, and auto-assign leads to supported locations.

  • Cleaner, Organized User Experience

    Make your sales representative's workday more efficient. Representatives can focus on completing their simple and sequential tasks with the help of a permission module and dashboard.

  • Responsive Support Team

    Every business, massive or tiny, gets a dedicated account manager. Reach out to our team via chat, email, or call and get your question resolved in minutes or hours, not in days!

  • Travel CRM With A Sales Funnel/Module

    Don’t simply modify your sales method; facilitate your groups to perform higher. Set targets for any metric, gamify performance, and inspire travel salespeople to reward prime performers.

  • No Extra Charge For Features You Don’t Need

    Your Travel CRM expertise should be more diverse than a few flashy options tucked away in a corner. With CRMtravel™, you can only use and buy the choices that matter the most to your sales potential.

Our Testimonial

What Client Say About Us ?

I cannot forget to mention the outstanding customer support provided by the CRMtravel team. Whenever I have had a question or encountered an issue, their support staff has been incredibly responsive and helpful. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that I have a smooth experience with the software and have promptly resolved any concerns I had.

Mr. Vivek


One of the standout features of CRMtravel is its comprehensive customer management system. It allows me to easily organize and track all my clients' information, bookings, preferences, and history in one centralized location. With just a few clicks, I can access all the relevant details about a customer, which enables me to provide personalized and efficient service. This has significantly improved my customer satisfaction levels and has helped me build stronger relationships with my clients.

Mr. Sanjeev Tiwari


Overall, CRMtravel has been a game-changer for my travel agency. It has enhanced my productivity, improved my customer service, and ultimately boosted my business's bottom line. I highly recommend CRMtravel to any travel professional looking to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.

Mr. Muzaffar Karnai


Frequently Asked Questions

1Best Travel CRM for Tour & Travel agencies?

The Best Travel CRM for Tour & Travel Agencies is "crm travel" because it is specially designed for travel agencies and tour operators.

2How is CRM used in the travel industry?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are extensively used in the travel industry to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and boost overall efficiency.

3 What is the role of CRM in tourism?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plays a pivotal role in the tourism industry, as it helps tourism businesses and organizations effectively manage interactions with customers, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional travel experiences.

4What is CRM full form?

CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management."

5 What is the best travel crm software

The "best" travel CRM depends on your specific requirements, budget, and the size of your business. CRM Travel is India's best travel CRM software for tour and travel agencies. It is specially designed for the travel industry.

6 Why is travel crm important

Travel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential in the travel industry for several reasons: Enhanced Customer Experience, Centralized Customer Data, Streamlined Booking Process, Efficient Communication, Data-Driven Decision Making, Customer Retention and Loyalty, Increased Sales and Revenue, Improved Efficiency, Better Customer Support, Competitive Advantage Overall, travel CRM is important because it helps travel businesses make strong customer relationships, optimize their operations, and create exceptional travel experiences.

7 Who is the best travel crm provider?

The best provider for you depends on your specific requirements, budget, and the size of your travel business. I am going to tell you about one such travel CRM Software which is CRM Travel.

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What is the appropriate timing to implement CRM for Travel Agency?

The appropriate timing to implement CRM for Travel Agents and tour operators into your Organization if you notice any of the following occurring in your business:

Multiple Sources Of Leads: If you are juggling between many tools to access your leads, then you should consider using CRM.

Time-Consuming Activities: When your team invests excessive time in pointless manual data entry.

Lack Of Visibility: No understanding of the sales funnel, the activities of your sales representatives, or how to prioritize or allocate leads.

Longer Sales Cycles: No proper steps to align with travelers leads to inconsistent sales.

Unsatisfied Customer Experience: When there is no centralized data to personalize the conversation.

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