Key Features of B2B Travel Software

The key features of B2B Travel Software are designed to empower businesses within the travel industry to manage their business operations efficiently and provide exceptional service to their clients.

Email to Query

Effortlessly handle customer queries with Email to Query features available in our B2B Travel CRM Software for tour operators and travel agents.

    Assign Lead:

  • Convert incoming emails into organized queries.

  • Assign them to the right team members.

  • Track their resolution status.

Communication: Streamline communication, provide immediate responses, and deliver exceptional customer service. Increase efficiency, save time, and enhance customer satisfaction with this powerful feature.

Email to query dashboard in travel software
Lead & Query Management in Travel CRM

Lead & Query management

Lead and query management in B2B Travel Software refers to the process of handling inquiries and potential business opportunities from prospective clients or partners within the travel industry.
Here's a breakdown of how it works:


Lead Capture


B2B Travel Companies capture inquiries and leads from various sources such as website forms, email inquiries, or social media channels. With the help of B2B Travel Software, all your leads come into CRMtravel software automatically. It ensures that no potential opportunity is missed and that all inquiries are efficiently recorded for further follow-up.

Lead Classification:


With CRMtravel's B2B Travel software, Your Leads are categorized based on various criteria such as the source of inquiry, the nature of the request, or the potential value of the opportunity. This classification helps prioritize leads and allocate resources effectively based on their importance.


Lead Assignment


Once classified, leads are assigned to the appropriate sales or account management team member for further action. It ensures that each lead is promptly addressed by the most relevant person within the organization, improving response times and overall customer experience.

Lead Follow-Up


Sales teams can follow up on leads through personalized communication channels such as email, phone calls, or meetings. They provide additional information, address any questions or concerns, and guide potential clients through the sales process to convert leads into customers.


Tracking and Monitoring


B2B Travel Software tracks the progress of each lead through the sales journey, from initial inquiry to final conversion or closure. It provides real-time updates on the status of leads, allowing teams to monitor performance, identify restrictions, and make informed decisions to optimize the lead management process.
Overall, lead and query management in B2B Travel Software plays a crucial role in driving sales, promoting customer relationships, and maximizing business opportunities within the travel industry. By smooth-running the process of handling inquiries and leads, businesses can effectively manage their sales cycle and achieve greater success in the competitive travel market.

Turnaround Time


CRMtravel software will notify when a user doesn't reply or revert a particular lead. In this software, you can track Turnaround Time (TAT) for each lead, ensuring prompt responses and efficient follow-ups. Stay on top of lead engagements, assign tasks, and monitor response times to maximize lead conversion. Streamline your workflow, deliver exceptional customer service, and outperform competitors with this essential feature in our travel CRM software.


User's Roles & Permission


Easily manage user profiles with our travel CRM software's versatile "Roles & Permissions" feature. Assign specific roles and permissions to users based on their responsibilities and access requirements. Control data access, task assignments, and system functionalities to ensure data security and maintain workflow efficiency. Streamline user management, customize access levels, and empower your team with this essential feature in our travel CRM software.

Multiple Currency


Simplify international transactions with our CRMtravel software. Seamlessly handle multiple currencies, convert rates, and display prices in clients' preferred currency. Streamline financial operations, generate accurate reports, and offer a frictionless booking experience. Expand your global reach, eliminate currency barriers, and enhance customer satisfaction with this essential feature in our CRMtravel software.

Client / Agent Communication

Simplify client or agent communication with our B2B Travel CRM software for Travel agencies. Effortlessly send and receive emails directly within the platform, ensuring seamless communication with clients or agents. Track all correspondence, easily access email history, and stay organized. Send personalized messages, attachments, and itineraries with just a few clicks. Streamline communication, save time, and provide exceptional service with this integrated email feature in our travel CRM software.

Agent Communication dashboard in Travel industry
Quotation Creation steps

Quotation creation

The Quotation Creation feature in B2B Travel CRM Software is a powerful tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating quotations for travel services. This feature offers several functionalities that work specifically to the needs of travel agents, tour operators, and travel agencies operating within the travel industry.

How it Work

    • Customizable Templates:

  • B2B Travel Software provides customizable templates for creating professional-looking quotations. Users can customize these templates to match their branding guidelines and include relevant details such as company logo, contact information, terms and conditions, and pricing structures.

  • • Flexible Pricing Options:

  • With the Quotation Creation feature, users can easily configure pricing options based on various factors such as destination, travel dates, accommodation preferences, transportation modes, and additional services. This flexibility allows for creating personalized quotations customized to each client's requirements.

  • • Multi-currency Support:

  • B2B Travel Software supports multiple currencies, allowing users to create quotations in the currency preferred by their clients. This feature is especially useful for a travel agency that deals with international clients or operates in diverse geographic regions.

Overall, the Quotation Creation feature in B2B Travel Software empowers travel professionals to create accurate, personalized, and visually appealing quotations efficiently. By automating manual tasks and providing flexibility in pricing, this feature contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction, improved sales effectiveness, and increased operational efficiency within the travel industry.

Quotation preview

Deliver well-mannered quotations exclusively to travel agents with our travel CRM software. Create polished, customized quotes that showcase professionalism and cater to the needs of travel industry experts.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily personalize each quotation, incorporating enticing visuals, comprehensive itineraries, and compelling descriptions. Customize the content to match the preferences and requirements of travel agents, ensuring it aligns with their specific target audience.

By providing well-mannered quotations exclusively for travel agents, you enhance their selling potential and establish strong business relationships. The professional presentation and tailored content enable agents to confidently promote your offerings to their clients, resulting in increased bookings and client satisfaction.

With our travel CRM software, streamline your quotation process and cater specifically to travel agents. Elevate your agency's reputation, foster collaboration with agents, and drive business growth with well-mannered quotations generated through our travel CRM software.

Complete Quotation Preview for Travel Agency
Supplier Communication interface for travel agents

Supplier Communication

The Supplier Communication feature in travel CRM software facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between travel agencies and their suppliers. It provides a dedicated platform for agencies to connect and engage with their network of suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and tour operators. Through this feature, agencies can efficiently request and receive real-time updates on availability, pricing, and special offers. It streamlines the process of submitting and managing bookings, making it easier to coordinate with suppliers and ensure smooth operations. Supplier Communication in CRMtravel software enhances efficiency, strengthens partnerships, and ultimately improves the overall customer experience.

Auto Generated Invoice for travel agents

Auto-Generated Invoice

The Auto-Generated Invoice feature in B2B Travel Software streamlines the invoicing process for travel agents, tour operators, and travel agencies. This feature automates the creation and generation of invoices based on completed bookings, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness.

Here's an overview of the key aspects of the Auto-Generated Invoice feature:

    Automatic Invoice Generation:

  • With the Auto-Generated Invoice feature, invoices are automatically generated by the software upon completion of bookings or specified trigger events. It eliminates the need for manual invoice creation, saves time and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

  • When a booking is confirmed or finalized, relevant details such as booking information, pricing, taxes, and payment details are automatically pulled into the invoice, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

  • Customizable Invoice Templates:

  • B2B Travel Software offers customizable invoice templates that can be customized to match the branding and style preferences of the travel agency or business. Users can add company logos, adjust layout and formatting, and include personalized messages to clients, enhancing professionalism and brand consistency.

  • Dynamic Pricing Calculation:

  • The Auto-Generated Invoice feature dynamically calculates pricing based on the booking details, including the cost of travel services, taxes, fees, and any additional charges. It ensures that invoices accurately reflect the total cost of the booking and provides clients with transparent and detailed billing information.

  • Multiple Currency Support:

  • B2B Travel Software supports multiple currencies, allowing invoices to be generated in the currency preferred by clients. It is especially beneficial for travel agencies serving an international client, as it enables seamless invoicing in different currencies without the need for manual currency conversion.

  • Invoice Tracking and Management:

  • Invoices generated through the B2B Travel Software are tracked and managed within the system, providing users with visibility into invoice status, payment history, and client payment behavior. It enables better financial tracking and reporting, as well as proactive follow-up on overdue invoices.

Overall, the Auto-Generated Invoice feature in B2B Travel Software simplifies the invoicing process, improves accuracy and efficiency, and enhances the overall client experience by providing clear, professional, and timely billing documentation.

Generate Voucher for Travel Agents


The travel CRM software offers two powerful features: "Generate Service-wise Voucher" and "Generate Combined Voucher." With the "Generate Service-wise Voucher" feature, travel agencies can create customized vouchers for each service, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and tours. It ensures clear documentation and accurate record-keeping for each specific service provided.

On the other hand, the "Generate Combined Voucher" feature allows agencies to consolidate multiple services into a single voucher. It is beneficial when clients have booked various services as part of a package or itinerary. By combining all relevant service details, bookings, and client information, agencies can create a comprehensive voucher that encompasses the entire travel experience.

Both features streamline voucher generation, eliminating the need for manual processes and reducing errors. The software automatically populates the necessary details, ensuring accuracy and professionalism. These features enhance efficiency, simplify voucher management, and contribute to a seamless customer experience. Whether generating service-wise vouchers or combined vouchers, travel CRM software empowers agencies to provide organized and detailed documentation to clients.

Daily Duty Sheet

This feature allows travel agencies to efficiently manage and assign duties to drivers and guides for each day. By inputting the necessary information, such as date, itinerary, pickup points, and client details, the software generates comprehensive duty sheets specific to each driver and guide.

These duty sheets provide crucial information about assigned tasks, pickup and drop-off locations, timings, and client contact details. This streamlines communication and coordination between the agency, drivers, and guides, ensuring smooth operations and seamless customer experiences.

By automating the duty sheet generation, the software saves time and increases operational efficiency. This feature simplifies the process of managing driver and guide assignments, enhances organization, and contributes to a well-structured and professional travel operation.

Daily Duty Sheet for Travel Agency
Supplier Payment for B2B Travel Agency

Supplier Payment

CRMtravel software simplifies and streamlines the payment process between travel agencies and their suppliers. This feature allows agencies to easily manage and track payments owed to suppliers for services rendered, such as accommodations, transportation, and tours.

With the Supplier Payment feature, agencies can input payment details, including the supplier's name, invoice number, amount due, and payment terms. The software provides a centralized platform to monitor and record payment status, ensuring timely and accurate payments.

Petty Cash

The Petty Cash feature in B2B Travel Software offers a convenient and efficient way for travel agencies and tour operators to manage small, day-to-day expenses. This feature provides several functionalities to streamline petty cash management, improve accountability, and maintain financial transparency. Here's an overview of the key aspects of the Petty Cash feature:

Petty Cash Fund Management: B2B Travel Software allows users to establish and maintain a petty cash fund to cover small expenses such as office supplies, transportation costs, and miscellaneous purchases. The software tracks the balance of the petty cash fund and provides tools for replenishing it as needed.

Expense Tracking: Users can record and categorize petty cash expenses within the software, providing a detailed record of how the funds are being used. Common expense categories may include office supplies, fuel expenses, meal allowances, and minor repairs.

Receipt Management: The Petty Cash feature enables users to attach digital copies of receipts and invoices to petty cash expense entries. It helps to validate expenses, provide supporting documentation for accounting purposes, and ensure compliance with internal controls and auditing requirements.

Petty Cash Dashboard for Travel Agency
Salary Sheet for travel industry

Salary Sheet

This feature allows agencies to efficiently calculate, track, and generate salary sheets for their staff members.

With the Salary Sheet feature, agencies can input employee information, including basic salary, allowances, deductions, and other relevant details. The software automatically calculates the salary based on predefined formulas or customized configurations, taking into account factors such as attendance, leaves, and bonuses.

    The feature also provides:

  • Options to generate detailed salary statements for each employee.

  • Showcasing the breakdown of salary components.

  • Taxes.

  • Other deductions.

Agencies can generate individual or bulk salary sheets, facilitating timely and accurate salary pay.

Tax/Profit & Loss Report

This feature enables agencies to generate detailed tax reports that capture relevant financial information, helping them stay compliant with tax regulations and streamline their accounting processes.

With the Tax Report feature, agencies can automatically calculate taxes based on booking data, including accommodations, flights, and other travel services. The software generates reports that summarize taxable transactions, tax amounts, and relevant tax codes.

These reports facilitate accurate tax filing, providing agencies with a clear overview of their tax liabilities and allowing them to reconcile financial records efficiently. Additionally, the Tax Report feature may offer options to customize reports based on specific tax requirements or jurisdictions.

Profit & Loss Report for Travel Agents
B2B Travel Software


With the Master Data feature, agencies can input and manage various types of data, including agents, clients, suppliers, hotels, activities, transfers, destinations, vehicles, drivers, guides information etc. The software allows agencies to store and update contact information, contract prices, and historical data, facilitating personalized and efficient interactions.

Moreover, the Master Data feature enables agencies to create and manage comprehensive profiles for their employees, including personal details, roles, permissions and responsibilities. It facilitates streamlined communication and efficient assignment of tasks within the agency.


Maintain a comprehensive database of agent information, including contact details, expertise, and performance metrics. Assign agents to a specific salesperson, track total booking and payments, and monitor their productivity. Streamline agent management, optimize resource allocation, and drive performance. Empower your agency with this essential feature in our travel CRM software and take your agent management to the next level.

Manage Agent Information for Travel Agency
Manage Supplier information for travel agents


Maintain a centralized database of vendor information, including contact details, services provided, and contract terms. Streamline vendor management, track performance, and monitor agreements. Easily access vendor profiles to ensure smooth collaboration and seamless communication. Simplify your operations, enhance vendor relationships, and drive business growth with this essential feature in our travel CRM software.

Multiple Company Management for Travel Businesses

Multiple Company Management

Multiple Company Management in B2B Travel Software refers to the capability of the software to handle the operations of various travel agencies, tour operators, or other businesses within the travel industry under a single CRMtravel Software. This feature provides several benefits to travel businesses with diverse operations or multiple companies.

Centralized Platform: B2B Travel Software offers a centralized platform where businesses can manage the operations of multiple companies from a single software. It eliminates the need for separate software systems for each company, streamlining operations and reducing administrative overhead.

Segregation of Data: The software allows for the segregation of data between different companies, ensuring that sensitive information such as financial data, client records, and operational details are kept separate and secure. It provides data privacy and confidentiality for each business entity.

Customized Branding: Multiple Company Management features enable businesses to customize branding elements such as logos, colors, and fonts for each company, providing a unique identity for each brand within the software platform. It helps to maintain brand consistency and professionalism across multiple entities.

Unified Customer Management: Multiple Company Management features allow businesses to manage customer relationships centrally across all companies. Client profiles, booking histories, and communication records are consolidated within the software, enabling personalized service delivery and targeted marketing campaigns.

Flexible Access Control: The software provides flexible access control settings that allow administrators to define user permissions and access levels for each company separately. It ensures that employees have access only to the data and functionality relevant to their roles and responsibilities.

Scalability: B2B Travel Software is designed to scale with businesses as they grow and expand. Whether managing two companies or a dozen, the software can accommodate the needs of businesses of all sizes and complexities, providing scalability and flexibility for future growth.

How this software helps your travel agencies or organizations.

Advantages of B2B CRMtravel Software.

B2B CRMtravel software offers numerous advantages for travel agencies operating in the B2B sector. Here are some key benefits:

Businesswoman working on laptop with CRMtravel Software

Enhanced Efficiency: B2B CRMtravel software streamlines agency operations by centralizing customer interactions, bookings, and itineraries in a single platform. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces time spent on administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on more value-added activities.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: It provides advanced analytics and reporting features that enable agencies to leverage data for informed decision-making. Agencies can analyze booking patterns, customer preferences, and revenue trends to identify growth opportunities, optimize pricing strategies, and tailor their offerings to meet client needs.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: With B2B travel CRM software, agencies can deliver exceptional customer service. The software enables personalized interactions, allowing agencies to track customer preferences, manage loyalty programs, and provide tailored recommendations. It enhances the overall customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Efficient Financial Management: Our Software simplifies financial management for travel agencies. It enables accurate tracking of sales, invoices, and payments, streamlining the billing process and ensuring timely settlements.

Scalability and Growth: B2B CRMtravel software accommodates travel agencies' growth and scalability needs. As the agency expands its operations and client base, the software can handle increasing volumes of data, bookings, and transactions. This scalability allows agencies to grow their business without requiring extensive system upgrades or disruptions.

In conclusion, B2B CRMtravel software offers many advantages, including enhanced efficiency, seamless supplier communication, data-driven decision-making, improved customer satisfaction, efficient financial management, streamlined collaboration, and scalability. By leveraging these advantages, travel agencies can optimize operations, drive growth, and achieve a competitive edge in the dynamic travel industry.

B2B Travel Software

Why should you choose CRMtravel B2B Software for a travel agency?

Complete Solution: CRMtravel provides a complete solution that covers all aspects of the travel booking process, including flights, accommodations, tours, activities, and more. So that you can manage all your clients' travel needs with a single B2B Travel Software.

Global Inventory: With CRMtravel, you can access a vast inventory of travel products and services worldwide. It enables you to offer your clients various options, ensuring you can meet their diverse preferences and requirements.

Easy to use: CRMtravel's user-friendly interface makes it easy for travel agents to search, compare, and book travel services quickly and efficiently.

Customization Options: CRMtravel offers customization options that enable you to customize the software according to your business requirements and preferences.

Automation and Efficiency: CRMtravel automates many aspects of the booking process, such as pricing updates, invoicing, and many more. It helps reduce manual workload, increase operational efficiency, and minimize errors, allowing you to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service.

Real-Time Updates: CRMtravel provides real-time updates on availability, pricing, and booking from travel suppliers. It ensures you always have access to the latest information when assisting your clients, helping to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dedicated Support: CRMtravel offers the best customer support to assist you with any technical issues, training needs, or inquiries. Their dedicated support team ensures you receive ready assistance whenever you need it, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

In summary, choosing CRMtravel B2B software for your travel agency provides a comprehensive solution, global inventory, competitive pricing, ease of use, customization options, automation, real-time updates, and dedicated support. These benefits help you enhance efficiency, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction, ultimately driving business growth and success.

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