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Best Itinerary Builder Software for travel agents in 2024

CRMtravel™ is the Best Itinerary Builder Software for travel agents in 2024. Create an Itinerary in just a few Clicks with CRMtravel™ Software.

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  • 1- What is an Itinerary Builder Software?
  • 2- Key Features of Itinerary Builder Software.
    • 2.1- User-Friendly Interface
    • 2.2- Customization Options:
    • 2.3- Client Profile Management:
    • 2.4- Vendor Management:
    • 2.5- Group Travel Planning
    • 2.6- Cost Estimations and Quotes
    • 2.7- Payment Processing
    • 2.8- Document Management
    • 2.9- Scalability
  • 3- Benefits of Itinerary Builder Software.
    • 3.1- Efficiency in Time Management
    • 3.2- Personalization
    • 3.3- Error in travel planning
    • 3.4- Collaborative Features
    • 3.5- Effortless Access to the Client's Information
    • 3.6- Enhanced Productivity
    • 3.7- Cost Savings
    • 3.8- Customer Support
    • 3.9- Reporting and Analytics
  • 4- Why Choose CRMtravel™ Software for Itinerary Builder?
    • 4.1- Smooth Workflow
    • 4.2- Transparent Billing
    • 4.3- Free Demo Session
    • 4.4- Obtain Desired Results
    • 4.5- Safe and Secure
    • 4.6- Fast and Responsive
  • 5- How to use Itinerary Builder provided by CRMtravel™ Software?
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What is an Itinerary Builder Software?

An Itinerary Builder Software is a tool or application designed to assist tour operators and travel agents in planning and organizing travel or event schedules. It is a powerful tool of CRMtravel™ Software designed for the travel industry.It allows tour operators and travel agents to create detailed and attractive itineraries for trips, vacations, or any planned activities in a single click.

Itinerary Builder Software for travel agents

Travel agents can share itineraries on Whatsapp, and Email with just one click, increasing productivity and profitability. It helps the travel industry grow very fast.

Key Features of Itinerary Builder Software

Itinerary builder software for travel agencies is a crucial tool for creating, managing, and sharing travel plans for clients. Here are the key features of such software:

User-Friendly Interface

In today's world, travel agents seek the convenience of effortlessly arranging travel itineraries in a customization mode for clients. They look for user-friendly interfaces that can make the process easier, for travel agents regardless of their technical expertise.

Customization Options

Itinerary Builder software is aligned with the ability to customize itineraries based on client preferences.

Client Profile Management

Comprehensive client database for storing and managing customer information, preferences, and travel history.

Vendor Management

Tools for managing relationships with travel service providers, such as airlines, hotels, and tour operators.

Multi-Destination Support

Capabilities to create itineraries that involve multiple destinations, stopovers, and complex travel arrangements.

Cost Estimations and Quotes

Tools to generate detailed cost estimates and quotes for clients, including a breakdown of expenses and services.

Payment Processing

Integration with payment gateways to facilitate secure online payments for bookings and travel- related services.

Document Management

Storage and organization of essential travel documents, including passports, visas, travel insurance, and other client-related information.


The software should be able to scale as the travel agency grows and handles a larger volume of clients and itineraries.

Benefits of Itinerary Builder Software

Travel agents can have many advantages from itinerary maker software. Here are some benefits you may carry on your travel planning:

Efficiency in Time Management

Itinerary builder software streamlines the laborious process of crafting travel plans. It offers clients the ability to manage their travel on one platform only.


These software solutions empower travel agents to create highly personalized itineraries that cater to individual preferences. This enhances the overall travel experience, leaving clients more engaged and satisfied.

Error in travel planning

This itinerary software reduces the risk of common planning errors, such as double bookings or logistical conflicts and confirmation delays. The outcome is smoother, error-free trips for clients, which improves the professional image of travel agents.

Benefits of Itinerary Builder Software

Collaborative Features

Agents can readily share itineraries with clients, who can provide input, ensuring that the final plan aligns perfectly with the client's desires. Many itinerary builder tools facilitate seamless collaboration between travel agents and clients.

Effortless Access to the Client's Information

Travel agents can develop comprehensive travel profiles for each client, enhancing efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Productivity

With the support of itinerary builder software, travel agents can efficiently handle a range of clients while maintaining the quality of service. This increased productivity which led to higher revenue and business growth.

Cost Savings

The client deserves the best pocket-friendly travel mechanism. Automation of various tasks and error reduction contribute to cost savings for travel agencies. This reduces operational expenses, enabling more competitive pricing and improved profit margins.

Customer Support

Access to reliable customer support and training resources for travel agents using the software.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports on bookings, revenue, and client preferences, helping agencies refine their offerings.

Why Choose CRMtravel™ Software for Itinerary Builder?

When considering the ideal solution for itinerary creation, look no further than CRMtravel™. It gives you B2B travel software, B2C travel software and much more which helps in the growth of travel industry. The first choice for itinerary maker software designed for travel agents. When selecting the right itinerary software for travel agents, CRMtravel™ Software is the sole expert; here's why:

Smooth Workflow

With the CRMtravel™ itinerary process, you can design detailed and personalized travel plans along with your travel agents. This streamlined process ensures that agents can efficiently manage their clients' itineraries with ease.

Transparent Billing

CRMtravel™ itinerary builder believes in transparent billing, ensuring that travel agents have a clear understanding of the costs involved in all sections. It is designed to be hassle-free, allowing you to focus on your clients, not complex financial details.

Free Demo Session

Discover the powerful capabilities of CRMtravel™ with a free demo session. It will help you to make the right decision.

Obtain Desired Results

With CRMtravel™, you can consistently deliver precisely what your clients desire. The itinerary builder empowers travel agents to craft highly personalized itineraries, ensuring every trip is a tailored, memorable experience.

Safe and Secure

Rest assured that your client data and travel plans are safe and secure with CRMtravel™. The itinerary maker employs better security measures to protect confidential information, providing peace of mind to agents and clients.

Fast and Responsive

CRMtravel™ is designed to cope with the fast-paced era and ensures that you can efficiently create and manage itinerary builders, make real-time updates, and adapt to changing client needs without delay.

How to use Itinerary Builder provided by CRMtravel™ Software?

CRMtravel™ is the ultimate choice for travel agents looking to excel in the industry.

If you are using CRMtravel™ Software for Itinerary Builder then in simple four steps you can create a detailed Itinerary:
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Generate Quotation Choose Services Add Markup Share Itinerary
How to use Itinerary maker Software If you want to see how to create a detailed itinerary, book your free demo now to know more about Itinerary maker.
Using CRMtravel™ Software, you can share the itinerary in five different ways like WhatsApp, Email, PDF Folder, Copy URL, Download Word.
Here's how to effectively use itinerary builder software in the realm of CRMtravel™:

1. Create your profile: With this software, you can update travel agencies, agents, and clients' profiles, such as general information, preferences, past travel history, and special requirements and criteria. So that you will get the perfect Inputs and data when travel agencies put this information in the CRM system to build a solid client profile.

2. Client's needs: Today’s travel agencies utilize the data stored in your CRM system to understand the client's preferences and travel habits. This will guide you in creating personalized itineraries that cater to your specific desires.

3. Itinerary Creation: Use the itinerary builder software to craft detailed, day-by-day travel plans. Arrange all aspects of the trip, including flights, accommodations, activities, and transportation, while considering your client's preferences and any special requests.

4. Real-time Collaboration: Share itineraries with clients, allowing them to review, suggest changes, and provide real-time feedback.

5. Time Savings: The streamlined process compliments you to handle more clients and bookings while maintaining the quality of your services.

6. Client Budgeting: Utilize the software's cost estimation capabilities to provide your clients with transparency on the expenses associated with their travel. This helps with budgeting and ensures a hassle-free payment process.

7. Storage and Access: Store completed itineraries within the CRM system for easy access. This allows you to refer to back trips and preferences when planning future travel for the same client.

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